New Year’s Resolutions...

Did you make them?

Will you keep them?

Why? Why not?

There’s just something appealing about starting fresh, with clear intentions, don’t you think? While we’re not really into specific New Year’s Resolutions, here at IGC, we are definitely into goals. We are a company on a mission to make a positive impact on the people in our shop, in our community, and in the world as a whole. New Year’s seems like a good time to revisit those goals and be sure we are on track for success.

Years ago, we decided it was important to reduce our consumption of single use plastics. This meant replacing our plastic iced drink cups with paper and changing to a sipper lid to eliminate the need for straws. The change was tough for many but our amazing customers are now fully on board and joining in on our mission. Thankfully, many other businesses are also making the switch. We encourage customers to take it one step further by bringing their own mugs and eliminating waste altogether. They save money this way too, paying for one size less. If you’re really hooked on straws, we sell stainless steel ones (in the shop) that come with a cleaning brush!

We always encourage “for here” food orders and offer compostable/biodegradable packaging for “to go” food orders. How often could you dine in and eliminate the need for any disposable packaging? Once a day? Once a week? Every choice makes a difference in the overall impact and we encourage you to take the leap in making more environmentally friendly choices.

Another way we reduce our consumption of single use plastics is to transport our coffee beans (from roaster to coffee shop) in 5 gallon buckets instead of disposable bags. We also encourage our employees to take their coffee home in reusable containers. Where do you buy coffee beans? Maybe they’ll fill a mason jar or other container for you instead of selling the disposable bag. It’s worth a shot...

It’s important to remember that every choice you make has an impact on the people all over the world, including yourself. Whether you're saying no to a straw, offering a smile or compliment to a stranger, or choosing to reuse an old jar instead of buying new, change is in the little things each of us do to live a cleaner life and create a better life for those around us.

So here’s your challenge, not a New Year’s Resolution, just something to keep in the back of your mind when you’re going through your day. Use less plastic. Smile. Leave a tip. Give a compliment. Choose reusable instead of disposable. Carry a reusable water bottle. Walk instead of driving. Make the little choices knowing that when we all have the same focus to make the world a better place it can make a huge impact.

We love and appreciate your support over the years and wish you a very Happy New Year!