Do you know the difference?

Cold Brew has become extremely popular in the last few years. It’s made by steeping coarsely ground coffee in cold water. The steeping time varies based on personal preference but we steep our cold brew for about 12-15 hours. This process creates a very smooth drink, reduces the acidity and gives the coffee a little less “bite”. Many people dilute the cold brew with water, cream or sugar after brewing but we keep ours fully concentrated for a bold, chocolatey experience. No falling asleep over here!

Iced coffee is brewed with hot water and then made cold by refrigeration or by adding ice. Not only does this give you a completely different flavor profile, the caffeine content is generally much less (based on the coffee to water ratio). We refrigerate our iced coffee before adding ice so that it stays full strength instead of getting watered down. Many coffee shops will use all the leftover hot coffee from the day for iced coffee but ours is only made with Callie Blend. If you like a medium to light bodied, crisp iced coffee, then you’ll love ours.

Want to taste the difference for yourself? Come see us at the shop and ask for samples of both. Or, jump right in and order a cold brew with vanilla and half & half for a flavor that closely resembles ice cream. It's so good, you'll definitely want more! (we won’t say we told you so…..or maybe we will!) Live too far away? You can always order coffee beans online and make your own. We use Brazil for our cold brew and Callie for our iced coffee.

A common question always pops up when talking about iced coffee and cold brew. Which one has more caffeine? Well, roast profile has NO EFFECT on the caffeine content in coffee beans. This means that it doesn’t matter how the coffee is roasted, it will always have the same amount of caffeine. Dark roast, light roast, medium roast, compare them all (same exact coffee of course) and they will all have the same amount of caffeine. The only way to increase the caffeine in your cup of coffee is to make it more concentrated. That means brewing the same volume of coffee with more coffee grounds, or switching to a different type of bean altogether.

Remember: Help us save the planet! Bring your own cup and pay for one size less!