Our first funky little coffee shop opened in 2011 in San Diego. Since then, we’ve proudly been part of this tight-knit community. And though we’ve opened two more shops around town, we’ve never wavered from our mission of helping to make your day a little better, tastier, and definitely more caffeinated. Cup by cup, we’re driven to make a difference. Not just for the neighborhoods we serve but for the wonderful people who serve them, for all the dedicated coffee growers worldwide, and for the environment. So take a seat and have a sip. Bring anyone you like; all are welcome. After all, what’s coffee if not a great excuse to come together?

Thank you for shopping local and supporting small businesses.

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About the owners:

Kathy retired from the US Navy in October 2010 after proudly serving 30 years. Her business partner, Barb has proudly served 20 years in both active duty and reserves. They had always dreamed of having a coffee shop, and with the ending of their military careers it was time to make that dream happen. On February 14, 2011 Industrial Grind Coffee was born and has been thriving ever since. In 2012, roasting was added to the list and about that same time, gluten free pastries and house made powders were added as well. The possibilities are endless with these amazing business owners. Stay tuned to see what they come up with next!

"The Chief Blend"

On 26 January 2014 at 1300 hours, 16 Chiefs met at Industrial Grind Coffee in San Diego California as Plank-owners of "The Chief Blend". Five single origin coffees were brewed pour over style. The Chiefs tasted and ranked each coffee on a scale of 1 to 5. The scores were tallied and the top two coffees were blended, brewed and re-tasted. We commissioned "The Chief", a blend of Indonesian and African coffees. This flavorful blend is a perfect representation of a bold and diverse community of Chiefs! By drinking "The Chief" you have graduated from a drinker of bilge slime, muddy water and slurpng silt to a refined drinker of coffee. Bravo-Zulu!